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Recent Projects (continued):

  • SMB New Office Infrastructure Project: Helped a growing business improve its IT infrastructure; with deployment of a new firewall, Wifi, core network switch and VOIP phone system to ensure that growth is suitably supported.
  • Virtualization-Consolidation Project: P2V migration of 3 physical servers to one 'virtualization server' for a small business, to simplify hardware management and reduce power & thermal issues.
  • "Test Cluster" project (9 nodes / 18 CPUs) to provide small research group access to "testing" HPC hardware environment.
  • Linux FileServer project to help a small workgroup (composed of 10 Windows PC users) share documents.
  • "Power Workstation" (RHEL/CentOS 5.0/64-bit Linux, QuadCore 2.4 Ghz, 8 gig Ram, 500 gig Raid storage) deployment to support research-intensive desktop user.
  • Wiki based website (this website) - using pmwiki
  • Document Management Server - centralized, structured file management solution supporting a research project spanning 3 universities / 3 provinces.