Recent Projects:

  • 60 node / 240 cpu High-Performance-Computing (HPC) cluster to support CPU-intensive oceanographic modeling research.
  • Workgroup server migration project (7 year old Sun Sparc Solaris to X86 Linux) supporting research group of approximately 100 users.
  • Thin Client Server Migration (Solaris Sparc Sunray to Linux RHEL/CentOS Sunray) supporting approximately 20 desktops.
  • Web server consolidation / migration from obsolete physical server to modern virtualized server environment.
  • "ISP Server" Migration: migrate failing 10-year old server, supporting RADIUS authentication, personal web pages, DNS, FTP, MySQL.
  • "Malware Research Cluster": Develop and deploy a specialized cluster (88 cpu HPC; DB server; analysis and file servers) supporting specialized research.
  • More projects...